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Recent Weather Significant recent weather observed in the period since the last routine observation will be reported by using the code letters for weather preceded by the letters RE e.g. RETS = Recent Thunderstorms. Ref: [1]

RExx.. significant 'recent' weather may be added after the pressure group, using the list below.

 Thunderstorm  RETS  Freezing Rain  REFZRA
 Freezing Drizzle  REFZDZ  Moderate/heavy rain  RERA
 Moderate/heavy snow  RESN  Moderate/heavy small hail  REGS
 Moderate/heavy snow pellets  REGS  Moderate/heavy ice pellets  REPL
 Moderate/heavy hail  REGR  Moderate/heavy snow grains  RESG
 Moderate/heavy rain showers  RESHRA  Moderate/heavy snow showers  RESHSN
 Moderate/heavy small hail shower  RESHGS  Moderate/heavy snow pellet shower  RESHGS
 Moderate/heavy ice pellet shower  RESHPL  Moderate/heavy hail shower  RESHGR
 Moderate/heavy ice crystals  REIC  Moderate/heavy blowing snow (visibility significantly reduced)  REBLSN
 Sandstorm  RESS  Dust Storm  REDS
 Funnel Cloud  REFC  Volcanic Ash  REVA
 Unidentified precipitation (AUTO obs. only)  REUP    

Ref: [2]